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Who may use AlarmeJT ?

Amateur radio operators using Linux version of WSJT-X, a software for JT65 and JT9 digital modes traffic.

Description of AlarmeJT

AlarmeJT is a program written in Pascal, developed with Lazarus IDE for Linux.
It is designed for Linux Ubuntu, which is based on Debian. AlarmeJT is a plugin program
for WSJT-X, a JT65 and JT9 modes decoding software designed by Joe Taylor K1JT, the only
Linux software for this mode (Thanks to the WSJT team). AlarmeJT has its own
logbook, fetches the information on the ongoing contact, manages unconfirmed DXCC
alerts on the current band, the uncontacted grid square locators on the current band,
as well as theFrench department, the Oblasts of countries using them (Russia, Ukraine ...)
and the US States, still on current band.

AlarmeJT currently only allows visual alerts ..

A cluster ( is available, as well as access to HamSpots of VK3AMA.


First developed in PHP to meet my personal needs in order to overcome the absence of such software in Linux, I was inspired by the excellent JTAlert of VK3AMA to develop an application able to give me similar alerts. Working with PHP at this time, I thought it wise to use this language. The problem was the data base. Architectured around MySql, in order to have a direct view of my logbook, it was hardly portable. This is the reason that led me to develop
a version that can be both easily distributable and installable without seeting up a Web and MySQL server. My choice fell on Lazarus and SQLite3.


prerequisite :

On Ubuntu, download the archive and unpack it in your /home/your_folder to obtain a /home/your_folder/AlarmeJT/.

If all goes well you will find in this folder the following subfolders :

  • /home/your_folder/
    • |-------AlarmeJT/
      • AlarmeJT (executable file)
      • Readme et Lisez-moi
      • Licence
    • |-------init/
      • AlarmeJT.ini
      • cluster.jmh
      • haminfo.jmh
      • decodeloc.jmh
    • |-------html/
      • contains the help files (11 files).
    • |-------img/
      • contains help images.
    • |-------lang/
      • |-------EN/
        • contains english language files (1 file).
      • |-------FR/
        • contains french language files (1 file).
    • |-------sqlite/
      • contains databasess*
    • |-------import/
      • and its licence

The "import" folder contains the library for operating
SQLite3 : . This file has to be copied in /usr/bin .

You can create a shortcut on your desktop and/or create an entry with the Ubuntu menu editor.
Please refer to the Linux aid to do this.


From the terminal command line, type AlarmeJT. On first use, go to AlarmeJT->Preferences->General and enter your callsign and your Locator.
If you have an account at, enter your password that will serve to retrieve contact information.

IMPORTANT: You MUST start WSJT-X before launching AlarmeJT.

For more tips, please refer to the AlarmeJT help.

Problems ?

If case of problem or bug, you can contact me on at adress :

Thank you for downloading AlarmeJT, wishing you will enjoy using it.

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